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ReadHear™ PC Comparison Chart

  Premium Pro Learning Ally
DAISY 2 yes yes yes
DAISY 2.02 yes yes yes
DAISY 3 yes yes no
NIMAS 1.1 yes yes no
Text Magnification yes yes yes
Synchronized Text Highlighting yes yes yes
High-contrast Enhancement yes yes yes
Multimedia Keys yes yes yes
Learning Ally Audio Books yes yes yes
Bookshare Digital Books yes yes no
Bookmarks yes yes yes
Visual Bookmarks yes no no
Import/Export Bookmarks yes no no
Native MathML Support yes yes no
Import Text yes yes no
Progress Page yes yes no
Save As DAISY yes yes no
Foot Pedal yes yes no
Braille Display yes yes yes
Roaming Activation yes yes no
Bundled Nuance Voices yes yes no
Forward/Back (History) yes no no
ePub yes no no
HTML yes no no
Zoomable User Interface yes no no
Linking yes no no
Create Book Shortcut yes no no
Includes ClickHear (web accessibility toolbar) yes no no
Full Unicode Support yes no no
Integrated SVG Support yes no no
Retail Price $249.99 $149.99 Free
Learning Ally Upgrade Price $149.99 $99.99

Updated 02/15/13