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MathHear for Windows

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A New Solution for All Your Math Problems

For pricing and purchase information, call 765-775-3776 or e-mail sales@gh-accessibility.com

MathHear (for Windows) provides simple and accurate math access to teachers and students. Full voicing using unambiguous math cues provides blind and visually impaired users with complete access to both basic and advanced math expressions, enabling all students to participate equally in online learning activities. The keyboard-accessible MathHear interface is highly customizable to fit a wide variety of disabilities, preferences, and grade levels.

  • Solve math problems using a voiced, accessible interface
  • Create MathML content quickly for publishing and classwork
  • Enable all students to access computer-based STEM material
  • Replace other equation editors with a streamlined authoring system

In a classroom environment, MathHear offers teachers a convenient way to build math lessons, assignments, and quizzes. These materials can then be sent to students, who can use MathHear to study the lessons and solve problems while showing their work in a step-by-step format.

MathHear saves math content as standard MathML, but does not require the user to know MathML or work with MathML code. Instead, the interface uses easy-to-learn grouping symbols to ensure accuracy, while still providing advanced users with a convenient tool for quickly generating MathML content.

MathHear joins our other software applications, including ReadHear and ClickHear Mobile, rounding out a comprehensive suite of products and services to serve a wide range of needs, including blindness, low-vision, dyslexia, ESL/ELL, IEPs, and autism. 

For pricing and purchase information, call 765-775-3776 or e-mail sales@gh-accessibility.com

MathHear File Downloads

Try MathHear today! Download a 30-day full-featured demo version.  

If you are a MathHear user, and need replacement copies of the Sample Worksheets included with the software, download the .zip archive here.

MathHear System Requirements

  • Pentium IV processor or equivalent
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • SAPI 5.1 Text-to-Speech engine, automatically installed by Windows
  • Sound card (required for speech output)
  • Internet connection (required for activation and roaming subscription)